Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ode to the Van Pool

I once rode a van, the color of blue
Here is my story, almost all of it true.

Our leader was Julie, an interesting gal
She is so kind and became agreat pal.
Julie's sister named Julie, who was found after all
Took Julie to Londonwhere she had a ball.

Then there's Linda the driver, so brave and so steady
She's always on time with the van warm and ready

And Bonnie, she's great, with a strong faith in God
But don't mention the spider or she'll head for the sod!

And good-hearted Sue, with so many pets
She'll save a cute puppy or a snake that eats rats.

Then my good buddy Lynn, as thin as a bird
I know she won't mind if I say the F-Word.

Tonya who taught me such a useful skill
How to ride the bus and avoid a parking bill.

Number two Linda who rides with such ease,
She needs a passport to see her daughter overseas.

Then there's Teresa who answers the phone
If you call her at work, she'll throw you a bone.

Lambert and Judy come last but not least
A great new rider and her companion beast
Some days when I feel like I just can't go on
I think of this single mom and my insides grow strong.

So please don't forget me, my fellow van riders
We're in this together, all us North Siders.
I joined for some savings, and maybe some sleep
But I got some new friends, whom I hope to keep!

I sent my poem to the Van Pool Ladies, and got this in response from Bonnie.

We know a girl named Katie,
She doesn't drive a Mercedes,
She taught us about countries on the map
and then she settled in for a nap.
Don't offer her a anything made of meat
or she'll gag and tell you what's good to eat.
We miss her stories and laughter
and sharing at work and after.

We miss you Katie!!!!!


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Molly Sue said...

I love the poem. And at the risk of being lost at the bottom, I am in love with the pictures on your previous posts of your sweet son and husband. I think you are amazing to be living apart in order to get your education. Rock on Girl!

Hob Gadling said...

You know if you tweak those lyrics right, you can sing them to the tune of Norwegian Wood!

"I, once rode a van, the color of blue
the stories all true."