Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Way too many events!

I'm so sorry for the blogular paucity in the past few days, but I have been one busy grad student. Here is the breakdown:

Thursday Night: Masud came home! He was supposed to come home on Friday night so it was quite a nice surprise!

Saturday Night: Went out to eat in Oshkosh and met Lisa's family and discussed wedding plans.

Tuesday Night: Saw RAVI SHANKAR and his daughter ANOUSHKA in concert in Madison! I didn't even know he was coming to town until my friend Hob Knob found mention of it in the local paper. We immediately bought tickets and Masud and I enjoyed it immensely. The man is 87 and he kicked that sitar's ass, seriously. And Anoushka? If you ever get a chance to see her play, you won't be disappointed. Amazing.

Wednesday: I spent about 4 hours today at an anti-war rally. Before the rally, I helped a friend with a little civil disobedience (we "borrowed" a white board from a brownbag seminar that was in progress, and took it down to the rally and had people write their thoughts about the war on it) It was all videotaped so I'm hoping to get a you tube link up here sometime soon. Then we listened to some great anti-war speakers and marched loudly up State Street to the capital. We forced our way into Senator Kohl's office to make our demands. He's not there, but many of the protesters are sitting in his office (it's now 11 p.m.) waiting for him to come back from DC. I want to go into details but I fear my blog constituency will foment a protest of their own if I continue...

Also today...I did my stats homework and it actually made sense! Hooray for Katie, the mediocre student!

I'll post protest pics as soon as the Domestic Nemesis gets around to sending them to me!

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Wendell said...

I punch you in your paucity!

Just kidding. But that's a good word, though!

Have a sunny weekend!