Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend Report

1. First of all, I'm posting this picture because I find it aesthetically pleasing:

2. Hobnob thinks he looks "pensive" in this picture:

3. This is how the Domestic Nemesis looks when she's working really hard on her paper:

4. My mom has converted Isaac into a full-blown gardening addict:

5. Our neighbor has a big truck thing and he is helping us to beautify the yard for the wedding in August. (Update: the wedding location has been moved from Mexico to the Wilderness, because who likes beaches in June anyways!!)

6. I forgot to wish TKP a very happy birthday yesterday. I suck.

7. In a magnificent feat of procrastinatory genius, today I accomplished the following:
-Cleaned out the dead hermit crab cage, the fish tank, and the bird cage.
-Got all of our summer clothes out and put away our winter clothes.
-Went into the scary storage shed and got a bunch of paintings, clothes, shoes and other miscellanea and put them away (only eight months after moving in, it might be a record!)
-Did three loads of laundry.
-Hung pictures on the wall.
-Untangled various electrical cords and sorted them appropriately.
-Found three big bags of crap to donate to Goodwill.
-Put all of my empty cloth bags in the car to use the next time I go grocery shopping.
-Swept (this never happens.)
-Cooked a healthy meal.
-Found and addressed a belated birthday card to TKP.
-Picked about 50 ticks off my kid, myself and my dogs.
-Arranged my homework on the table and then ignored it.

8. I have two weeks left of classes and then finals week begins. Oh God, there is no way I can finish everything I need to in this small amount of time.

9. That probably means that I should stop blogging and go work on the Poisson distribution homework sitting on my table....

10. Okay, okay, fine. I'm going. But first I'm going to make some tea - maybe I should organize my underwear drawer...

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idadele said...

This is exactly why I don't study at home. I get distracted with my dirty house and all of those things I haven't done. Like catch up on my scrapbooking!