Monday, April 30, 2007

Advice needed.

I've recently learned that I don't have a very good handle on what is and is not socially acceptable for a seven-year-old to say, so I need some advice. My question involves one of my favorite cartoons on Cartoon Network, namely Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Not only does this cartoon have excellent illustration, witty dialog, and a diverse cast of characters, it also makes heavy use of potty humor. We all know I'm a huge fan of potty humor.

The above graphic is an illustration of the character named "Cheese". Cheese is an annoyingly adorable little guy who likes to repeat phrases such as "I like chocolate milk", "I like cereal", and "do-it-again-do-it-again-do-it-again..." ad nauseum.

Isaac and I LOVE cheese. Here is a great example of the genius of Cheese from you tube:

Note the last line in the clip - where Cheese says, "I pooted."

Yes, I laughed out loud.

So here is my question: I drew the above graphic with the accompanying text, and plan to make a t-shirt for Isaac. Is it okay for Isaac to wear the shirt to school? I know he is not allowed to use the word "fart" in school, nor is he allowed to make farting noises with his mouth or any other body part. He is also VERY aware of the fact that he is supposed to say "excuse me" when he lets one slip.

I REALLY want him to wear the shirt to school, just to push the envelop. Is that bad? Tell me honestly now!


Hob Gadling said...

Honey, I'm gonna say this with all my desi wussiness... don't!

The last thing you want is for your kid to be branded a troublemaker. Reputations last forever. I knew kids with troublemaker reps in grade school and all those damn teachers, even ones who had never interacted with them before, were all too happy to prejudge them...

So yeah, not to school. (I may be overreacting in my desi wussiness, call me out people if I am.)

Katie said...

I see your point, hobnob, but Isaac is way too well behaved to be branded a troublemaker. It's his mother who is the rogue parent in town.

But yes, point taken.

Wendell said...

Man, I would totally wear that shirt!

He might get teased a bit, but it can't be any more offensive than any Bart Simpson "Eat my Shorts" or South Park tee shirt. Right?

I just bought Gina and I a t-shirt that reads "It's Motherf*cking Booze Time!"

I won't be able to wear it in Mlps!

Miss Lippy said...

As the institution, I am going to have to say it could go either way. If he wears the shirt and acts casually about it and his friends don't make a big deal about it, it would probably be okay. If his pals all start yelling, "I pooted!" and cause a scene, then it would not be good. Send a sweatshirt along for the heck of it so he could cover it up if there's an issue. I don't see a lot of longterm consequences here.

Miss Lippy said...

Also, I personally would wear that shirt out in public any day of the week. It rules!

idadele said...

You know me Katie, I admire that you you buck the system and do it with such moxy, but in this case I would have to say err to the side of caution. He could get in trouble for any or all of the reasons others have said. But what came to mind for me is that as a parent you don't want to transfer your "rogue" style to him while he, himself, has not actually made the choice to be the kid who goes against the grain and pushes the envelope. I could be totally wrong about that and who are we kidding? In a few years he is going to be "that kid". Not the bad one, but the one who is smarter and more wordly than anyone else and of course, bucks the system

Ms. Non Sequitur said...

Awww man, tricky. I don't know. Miss Lipp is right regarding the distraction it could cause. Could he wear it to a school event that isn't during the school day? I have to admit, I'm a bit conservative (WHAT??) when it comes to clothing in school. But dude, it's totally up to you! :)

Ms. Non Sequitur said...

God that clip was funny though.