Sunday, April 22, 2007

As if I didn't have enough drama in my life.

The good news: Masud is still here! He gets to stay for another week. His wonderful boss over in Ohio has been so good about letting Masud come and see us, and now he gave us an extension.

More good news: We're getting a new car! We're almost positive that we're getting a Toyota Corolla - a total Deshi Gari but hey, why not give in to the stereotypes. The car is the best one for the money!

The bad news: The reason Masud is still here and his boss gave him an extra week and we are getting a new car is because Masud had a horrible accident yesterday. It was a really bad accident - and we're all so thankful that he's not hurt too badly (actually I'm thankful that he's still alive!) Some of you know that Masud has had more than a few accidents in the past, so when he called to tell me I wasn't really even upset. "Oh, great, how much is this one gonna cost us?" But when I went and saw the car, I started having a panic attack. It was really bad. The car is totaled.

So obviously yesterday I got nothing done - I sat in the waiting room at the ER watching CNN and had to go outside. The talk about Virginia Tech and then the new shooting at was just too much and I needed air.

Today I tried hard to read my articles but slept on the couch instead. I also pondered the tastiness of Cheddar Goldfish crackers and grape juice. A heavenly combination.

Hug your families tonight. Accidents happen.


Sonya said...


So glad to hear Masud's alright. I worry about you three. And then I worry about your worrying. You worry too much. I worry too much. *sigh

Corolla = good. Cheddar goldfish = amazing.


Wendell said...

Yikes! Huggies to all.

Zeenat said...

Yikes! Glad to hear Masud is alright! Stay safe.

Lisa said...

Hey- Mom told us about the accident. Glad everythings alright-- how is Masud's shoulder? Can't wait to see you in May. Will probably drive into Montello Fri night, but head to GB for birthday celebration with the fam for Sat. Not sure how much we'll see you guys that weekend. I've gotta tt Page too and see what she's up to. Maybe you could drive to GB on Sunday and we could all hang out-- Page & Andy too. :) I'll give you a ring on my way home from work tonight. I miss you. :( <3, Lisa