Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wisconsin in the Summer = Dumb

It's about 5,000 degrees outside, and my little AC unit just can't handle it. I am sticky and uncomfortable. I am dreaming of the dead of winter. Yes, the green trees are beautiful, but if I must suffer from the heat, I'd rather be someplace where beaches are involved.

This post is really in honor of the Domestic Nemesis, because I did something today that proves my eligibility to join her ranks. I was making a healthy meal for Isaac, his favorite, dal and rice. Now, in my defense, I have used a rice cooker for the past decade. I decided to leave it in the Wilderness because of the lack of cupboard space in my new digs, so now I must actually PAY ATTENTION when I cook rice. DN and Hob can attest to the fact that I am actually able to cook rice, because they ate some of it on Sunday. Today was a different story.

I put the pot on the stove with the rice and water, turned it on, and walked outside to call my sister. My cell phone reception is only really good outside, so I figured I'd go out, have a chat, and then come back in right away. It turned out to be a really good conversation and I got caught up. When I walked back into the apartment, I noticed a haze of smoke and knew that something was amiss.

It doesn't look too bad, does it? But wait. Here is what lurked beneath the scorched rice.

All I can say is, thank the goddess Lokhi (benefactress of housewives everywhere) that my mother in law wasn't here to see how I ruined the bhath. I would've surely been in the doghouse for days.

As it is, my punishment is bad enough. It's gonna take some serious elbow grease to get the charred remains of Isaac's dinner off that pot, not to mention my poor stove.

So here's to you, DomNem. I might need to borrow your "TURN OFF STOVE!!!" sticky note to put on my door for a few weeks.

Note: After burning the hell out of that rice, I put some tater tots in the oven for poor Isaac. Then I came in my room to blog about my escapade. Isaac's tater tots burned. And I officially rock.


Lisa said...


Zeenat said...

You rock anyway! Not because you burned the rice or the tater tots, but for plenty other good reasons! :-)

Ms. Non Sequitur said...

CLASSIC! You are an officially in the ranks of the Domestic Nemesis

Wendell said...

Abort mission!

Maybe you should just bring the rice cooker back from the Motherland, you know?

You're a grad student; who needs the drama of burnt rice!?

Anonymous said...

It sound to me that you have not changed. Need to pay more attention to the right thing. Being a good student is not all in life. Life is HARD, not that easy my LOVE.

Robinowitz said...

I've made like 2 pots of rice in my lifetime without scorching the bottom of the saucepan. I do it roughly the same way every time, so why it didn't scorch those two seperate times, I have no idea. I think moon phase is a factor. Are you using an electric stove? Those suck so much ass, let me tell you.