Friday, July 27, 2007

I got a bike!

But first...remember when Isaac asked me when time started? It turns out that time may not exist at all (via reddit.)

Yesterday I took the Domestic Nemesis to look at a bike that was listed on craigslist. I love craigslist. Anyway, I bought this humongous "city bike" for a hundred bucks, and this morning I rode it to school on the beautiful Lakeshore Trail. I shaved 10 minutes off the time it takes me to ride the bus the same distance, and got some dreaded exercise. It was really a nice ride though, and I'm looking forward to a long and fulfilling relationship with my bike. I need to name her. How about Delores?

In other news, how does one help their seven year old deal with mean kids on the playground? Yesterday some jerk kid shot a super soaker point blank into Isaac's face. A few hours later, another brat hit him in the leg with a metal pipe. There was a welt. I don't think I'm allowed to reprimand other people's kids, am I? Plus, I was told pretty long after the fact. Why don't people teach their kids how to be nice? Isaac would never do either of those things. The worst he's ever done is call somebody a poopy head. Advice?


Lisa said...

I would reprimand another's child. I would hope if my child were alone and acting that way on the playground, another parent would not only let him know that the behavior was not acceptable, but also find some way to let me know what my child had done.
I know I would've scared the living shit out of any kid who hit mine with a metal pole.
I'd go up to the kid and tell him its unacceptable behavior and you want to talk to his mother. I'd say that if he's not willing to take you to see his mother, you will call the police and let them deal with the issue. Oooh I'm seething just the thought of it! Why can't people raise their children to be decent human beings anymore??!

Lisa said...

Oh... and I assume you don't need my bike next time we come home then? :)

Lori said...

I am a teacher, so at school I am quite used to reprimanding other people's children.

In public, I do it a bit differently depending on the severity of the situation. If it is just something small, I usually just make a passive comment (in front of the other child) to my son about how that wasn't a nice thing to do or how I am glad that he never does mean things like that to other people. If it was something like the metal pipe, I would be right there saying something to the kid. That is just not okay for a child to do that to anyone and I think it is perfectly alright for you to say something to him. I am always surprised by how little parents watch their children. Ultimately the other kids parents should have seen it happen and done something about it, but because that often doesn't happen you shouldn't feel bad about stepping up. I suppose since you didn't hear about it until so long after there wasn't much you can do, but maybe let Isaac know to tell you about something like that right away next time.

Just my thoughts...

Anonymous said...

Katie, find out the facts...why the blasting and hitting and then try to be soft. You are soft. Just be you.
I saw a 5 year old girl chasing a 5 year old boy with a stick and I thought it looked kind of fun. x0x0