Sunday, July 08, 2007

Titles are back!

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures from my brother's wedding. If you missed them, make sure you scroll down and look. It was a GREAT wedding, really the best one I've ever attended. And I'm not just saying that cuz it was my brother's!!

Anyway, I have one week left of my summer class (which I still LOVE by the way), and then I'm moving. This week is a tad hellish for the following reasons:

1) Masud left for Ohio last night and it was heart-wrenching to listen to Isaac wailing and then crying himself to sleep. And to feel this gaping hole in my chest...

2) It's HOT. I'm dripping with sweat and I'm just sitting here. I might as well be in the Desh.

3) Moving sucks. My belongings are all over the place, packed into random boxes and stacked in my living room. I like a little chaos but not this much.

4) I'm still not done with my paper (which I put aside until my class is done) and it's really bugging me.

5) My computer cord exploded or something and so I'm without my beloved laptop until my cord comes in the mail sometime this week. Right now I'm at the Domestic Nemesis' house using her machine. (thanks Gi.)

6) I'm broke. Too many expenses and not enough paycheck. Sigh.

But I shall persevere through this trial! This time next week I'll be sittin' pretty in my new apartment. Those of you who might wonder - I'm keeping my same cell phone number for the time being, and if you want my mailing address to send me goodies, please email me. I think I might throw myself a housewarming party next month so if you're in the Madison area, stay tuned.

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jess said...

You've moved (or are moving) to Madison? I'm sad! I understand completely, but still. *sniffles* So Isaac is switching school and everything?