Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Do any geeks read my blog?

I have some geekly questions.

1. I just upgraded Firefox, and an error message popped up having to do with some Java incompatibility, and now my I have a line of incoherent crap at the top of my web pages. Here is a screen shot of Gmail. All of the pages have those ??????BBBBBB at the top.

2. I need more USB ports. Do new laptops come with more USB ports? Granted, I don't have to have all of these things attached at all times, but I like to have my mouse, my printer and my external hard drive connected, so when I have to hook up my iPod and my card reader, I run into trouble.

3. A few weeks ago I had to buy a new computer cord because my old one quit working. It cost 70 bucks. Now, I think the connection where it plugs into my laptop is shot, because if I get all wild and type too fast it jiggles lose and the battery goes dead within seconds, making my computer spontaneously hibernate. This is very annoying, but worse, I feel that it might be really bad for my hardware. Is it bad? Plus, my computer is really hot and sometimes I get electrical shocks when I touch it. Will I die?

4. Should I buy a Mac (sexy) or a Windows machine (cheaper, more {pirate} software available, used to this platform)?

5. How do I put a link in a comment on blogger?

Thanks, geeks. I know you'll come through.


Anonymous said...

I think for your partay I might just bring you a "turn off stove" sticky note like Gina's. This one will be cuter, though. I liked your comment about the tricks up my sleeve & handling a kid- I mean, I can handle a dog...ask Gina the story about this morning when she said she would watch him for 5 min...haha As for the comp. stuff, I dunno- don't they have a USB adapter that has multiple plug-ins at the end for more? SunnyD

Hob Gadling said...

1. Try starting FF in safe mode. Start -> Programs -> Firefox (Safe Mode). If that fixes the problem it is an issue with some extension or some plugin. If not you might have to reinstall it. Worst case you might have to nuke your profile.

2. You need to buy something called a USB hub.

3. Well at least you seem to have enough battery that it can hibernate. If it just shuts off it can be really bad for your hard drive. I would suggest you invest either in a new battery or a new laptop. And backup all your data. I don't know if you'll die but try not to.

4. Interesting dilemma. I guess it depends how much you are willing to spend on software you need, for the Mac. Factor that into the cost and then see which is cheaper. Macs have a reputation of being pretty secure.

5. You put a link by typing in some HTML. Read the blogger help topic.

Zeenat said...

Check your email! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Katie -

this is Ray did you figure out everything you needed to know about computers? I have a computer business so please call me with any questions or email me and I will give you my cell number ok..
hope you are doing well