Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter

On this, the eve of the release of the final Harry Potter book, I felt nostalgic about the beginning of my love affair with J. K. Rowling. I remember resisting the popular surge surrounding Harry Potter until Isaac was born. I found myself three months postpartum with a healing abdominal incision living in my hometown. I had nothing to do but read, so I finally gave in. I think I read the next two books within a week and was converted. In July of 2000, the fourth book came out and I bought it immediately.

I've changed so much since I started reading the series - I now have lived overseas, kept that infant alive and he now is seven (!!), I've moved so many times (to Illinios, to Minnesota, to Bangladesh, back to the Wilderness and now to Madison), I got my masters and now am back in school hasn't been long but so much has happened!

I am excited to read the seventh book, but a little sad because the series will be over. It's been fun anticipating the new releases and spending two days straight without sleep so I could read them through. I'll miss that. So thanks, J.K., you've been great. I can't wait to read your next series.

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