Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Introducing the Nari Jibon Blog!

Many of you know that I work with an organization in Bangladesh called Nari Jibon, where underprivileged women can go to receive training in computers, English, and other valuable work skills. I'm proud to announce that Nari Jibon has received a grant from the Global Voices Online Rising Voices initiative! (Scroll down to see Nari Jibon's grant award announcement.) As a blogger, I am excited to see how the students of Nari Jibon develop their blogging skills.

Please take a moment to visit their blog, called Bangladesh from Our View. If you are literate in Bangla, please visit their Bangla blog as well, called Amader Galpo (Our Stories) (coming soon). Feel free to interact with the bloggers, post comments and suggest ideas for new posts. With your help, and the support of this grant, our students will add their voices to the online world.

Hooray for technology!


page said...

That is kick ass! I'm excited for them!

Animesh Chandra Bain said...

Thanks for the link.
this will increase our work

Jeffrey Hardy Quah said...

Very cool stuff.