Friday, July 20, 2007

"Public Safety for Sale" or "So the rich kids get found first."

Today I was grocery shopping with the Domestic Nemesis when we were stopped at the entrance to a store by a woman proclaiming to be "helping neighborhood kids". I stopped and asked her what her program was about, and she said that she had been contacted by the local sheriff's department to do a demonstration. She made sure to mention the recent disappearance/murder of a local student, as well as many other disturbing accounts from around the nation. She definitely had my attention when she talked about her product - a national ID card for kids which can be updated every six months. Basically, the kit contains a home DNA collection kit (in which to keep your kid's hair), a booklet, and a CD onto which I was to keep an updated file of all of Isaac's information. With the purchase of the kit, I was entitled to an ID card/medical release card that would be updated every six months until Isaac is 18.

Hmmm. Good idea, I thought. Then I asked how the information would help in the event that Isaac was kidnapped - she explained that all I would have to do is hand over the CD to the law enforcement office and they would have Isaac's name and picture up on an Amber Alert within 2 hours. (Otherwise it can take "up to 48 hours".)

All for only $80. But today it's on special for only $30.

When I told the Domestic Nemesis about it, she said, "So now the rich kids get found first, too?" Yowch. I was too caught up in her play on my mama-bear-protecting-my-cub instinct and didn't realize that I had been played. Capitalism 0. Domestic Nemesis 1.


Ms. Non Sequitur said...
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Ms. Non Sequitur said...

Heh heh heh....evils surround us. Good one buddy. :) Where should I walk tomorrow? I'm thinking to Willie St. and back??

page said...

I am jealous of Gina. BACK OFF WOMAN

Hob Gadling said...

This is one place where I completely agree with Domestic Nemesis. This service is something which should be available for everyone rich or poor for free.

A person's being lazy or incompetent should have nothing to do with how the police responds to his or her kidnapped kid. The police exist in capitalism to prevent illegal capture of wealth using kidnapping, theft, extortion etc. Their actions should be impartial.

BTW That ID will track him till 18??? Wow! How about just 12 or 13??

Katie said...

Hob agrees!!! Write it on the frikin' calendar people.