Monday, July 23, 2007

Small Miracles

I'll take 'em.

I have a really huge tangle of keys. I have office keys, car keys, apartment keys, mailbox keys, keys to friends' apartments, and a credit card holder thingy that has a keychain on it, and all of these things are hooked onto a lanyard so that I can carry it around my neck while toting my backpack, purse, and whatever else needs to be carried. And don't forget the Che Guevara keychain, and the "Countdown to Bush's Last Day" keychain that my bro and sis-in-law brought back from DC.

It's strategic. I don't want to lose my keys.

Unfortunately, I've been putting lots of stuff in the card holder thingy, including receipts that I need to submit at my office for reimbursement, various credit/library cards, IDs and most recently, cash.

I had $30 to make it until payday, which is 10 days away. It was a precious wad of $30. And I lost it. It fell out, probably because the card holder thingy is torn and stuffed to overflowing, and whenever I have to find a particular key from the haystack that is my keychain, I tend to wave it around erratically.

Apparently my wad fell out precisely as I was locking my apt. door, because when I came home a FULL 5 HOURS LATER, distraught over the loss of my cash, there it was, lying at the base of my door. Nobody took it. It was safe.

Small miracles, people.

I've switched to a different system of carrying cards...And my wad is now secured with a dorky money clip, sorted in descending order. No telling how long this will last, but hey, it's worth a shot.

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