Monday, September 18, 2006

My terrible weekend.

Thank God it's MONDAY!

This weekend was awful, and here are the reasons why.

1) Saturday: Isaac's Soccer Game (BTW, I've decided that I am NOT cut out to be a soccer mom. Isaac's decided that he'd rather take piano lessons, anyway.) I was driving home from the game, talking to Isaac about why it's not important if you win or lose, but how much you enjoy yourself while you play (he said, "Mom, I don't enjoy running."), and suddenly my front right tire went a little too far to the right and slipped off the road. I may have been fiddling with the radio or something. Anyway, since I was on a curve and going a bit fast, I lost control of the car and did a 360 into oncoming traffic. Fortunately it was a county road and the only oncoming traffic was a little farmer dude who was going slow enough that he had time to drive out of my way, but it was terrifying. I thought the car would flip over or explode or something. Thank GOD we're both okay, and I think the car is okay too, although it might need an alignment.

2) Sunday: Isaac Doesn't Feel Good. Isaac woke up with a bad headache and a fever. I got out the Children's Motrin and fished out four orange pills, the correct dosage for a 40 lb. kid. Just as I was walking over to give him the pills, he projectile vomited across the room.

3) Sunday: Doggie Overdose. After tending to Isaac in the bathroom, I walked back into the living room to clean up the barf, and caught Che in the act of swallowing the last Motrin tablet. Four tablets is a fatal dose for a 1.5 lb. puppy, so we had to induce vomiting and take him to the only vet hospital that accepts pets on a Sunday - in Appleton (2 hours away).

4) Sunday: I'm Broke. The dog needed an IV, blood tests, and an overnight stay. The bill was $400, not counting the overnight stay that I'll have to pay for tomorrow, which should be cheaper because he was transfered to the local vet clinic in Montello. I also have to pay for their routine shots that they got last week, as well as Shadow's ball-amputation, scheduled for tomorrow.

5) As a result of all the drama, I didn't get my reading done! And tomorrow I have to get up at 3:45 a.m. to catch the damn van.

Can you top that for a sucky weekend? Send me skittles.


Pag3 said... wasn't ALL bad, right?

I love you, man.

Shefa said...

mine was just as awful. i know how u feel.

Max said...

Sounds like my week with my son :) oh and as far as that idiot Wolf is concerned, he is dumb and it shows...