Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dog pee and racoons [Edit: raccoons]

My God, the sleep deprivation is killing my spelling abilities!

morning I woke up to the awful beeping of my alarm clock and dragged
myself into the shower. I usually get the dogs up (they sleep in bed
with us and can't jump down) and put them outside but they were
snuggled up all warm and I figured I'd let them sleep. I got out of the
shower and heard some desperate whining. I ran out in my towel and was
too late - El Che had peed on the bed. Of course, he picked the spot
where he could soak through the sheets AND blankets, so now it's all
got to be washed.

Then on the way to meet the van, I nearly
killed an entire family of raccoons but managed to slam on the breaks
in time. I ended up spilling my coffee and breaking the strap on mybook bag
(I have no idea how that happened!!) Just my luck, today I have to walk
to Egypt and back for my classes with a broken strappedbook bag.

And I'm so sleepy!

my classes are great. Yesterday's class in economic sociology was
really intense but it's another good one. I don't know hardly anything
about economics, although I've read three econ books to try to prepare
a little. He was talking about some guy named "Vaber" the entire time. Finally at the end, I realized that "Vaber"
is "Weber" (who I've actually heard of) - a famous classical GERMAN
economist. Sigh. The professor is planning to lecture every class
period for 2 1/2 hours straight. Can you say "Mountain Dew"?

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