Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First day update and some other thoughts, via list

Okay, I made it. Class number two was a tad numbing, I sorta already had an introductory statistics class way back in Minnesota, so I think the first part of this class is going to be BORING. Boring is better than ass-kicking, though. After class I walked back to the van (which I successfully drove this morning without harming/killing/scaring anyone) and deposited the HUGE packet of reading material for my Economic Sociology class that I picked up from the copy shoppe. I'm not kidding, it's an entire ream of paper, maybe more. I brought the first three chapters with me to the Union because I thought I'd check my email quick and then read it before I went home. Instead, I'm blogging. TKP, I'm feelin' ya!

Here are some thoughts.

1. I live in the wilderness. I subscribed to the Wisconsin State Journal and the people who deliver it won't come down the driveway to drop it off because our driveway is literally half a mile long and it goes through a corn field. I can't get any decent internet access and have to wait until November when they open up the "satellite stream" so that I can pay $399 for them to install a dish, which I'll then have to pay $70 a month to use for internet access. So until then, I can only check my email on the days that I'm at school (Tuesday through Friday).

2. The guy who wrote the nasty comments about Islam in the local paper gave a reply to my letter (they printed a shortened version of my letter). I will try to retype it here if I remember before I recycle the paper. He basically restated his bigoted comments in a euphamistic way and I am too tired to respond.

3. I finally moved the rest of my stuff in to my apartment. It's lookin' good in there, although I have stubbed my toe twice because we have a traffic flow issue with the bedroom furniture.

4. Isaac cried last night because he was nervous about school starting today. It's a good thing it was dark, because I cried, too. First days are hard, man! I was trying to be the strong and comforting mommy. He said, "I wish that we didn't ever have to go to school and that we just knew everything automatically." I wanted to scream, "Me TOOOOOO!!!" I made my mom come in and rub our backs till we both fell asleep.

5. I switched my blogger account over to "blogger beta", which apparently merged my acocunt with my google account. Now I can't post on anyone's blog unless they have a beta account. I tried to post on Tanya, Sonya and Gina's blogs, but dammit, I was FOILED! (TKP - you're post about mistaking the eraser for a bug made me snort loudly in the "quiet study area." Sonya - I wish you could hear Isaac talk about "sugar bugs." After the dentist told him about them, he made up this elaborate story about how they build their houses and have families and live and die, all in the crevices of his mouth! And Gina, Mmmmmmm, Moroccan.)

6. One of the big differences between this university and the smaller one I'm used to is that we are to use our NUMBER instead of our NAME to identify ourselves on our assignments. That freaks me out just a little. The profs said it's to ensure "non-biased" grading, but whatever.

7. I wrote the directions for how to pick up the van pool riders on my hand but they faded before I remembered to transfer them onto paper. Whoops. I hope I don't get lost with that behemoth of a vehicle!!

8. I am trying to have a good attitude about waking up at 3:45 a.m., but I'm having serious doubts. I even had the fleeting thought that I should take up exercising, because isn't there a myth that the more you exercise, the less sleep you need? But if I exercise, I'd probably just end up hating exercising on top of hating waking up early. So never mind.

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