Thursday, September 07, 2006

Jimmy Responds

I got a response (printed in the paper) to my shortened version of the letter to the editor that I posted last week.

How would you respond to this?

Editor Emeritus' Note: Thank you, Katie, for voicing your opinion. I doubt that you would be able to expouse such comments about Muslim terrorists in many of the Muslim nations of which your husband is a native. There is a big difference between asking our security people to pay more attention to young male Middle Easterners at airports and train depots than they would little old ladies, and vowing to kill all Americans simply for their religious beliefs. I admire that you abhor terrorism, but of course you're not afraid to speak up. You live in America! If Muslim nations wanted to end terrorist activity, they could, but obviously American hatred runs deep, much deeper than any hatred I have for Muslims. If Islam is a wonderful religion, then terrorists should not feel they have put a gun to journalists heads to make them convert as they did a few days ago. I hope you continue to voice your opinion and hope Muslims around the world will come forward to do the same in their countries, if they dare.
-Jim Wolff

Now, if I wanted to be a bitch about it, I would really tear this apart. For example, my husband is not a native of "many of the Muslim nations", only one. And he basically lumps all Muslim nations together into one group, just as he lumps all Muslims into one group. I wish I would have used the KKK example...they are a terrorist Christian group, but the majority of Christians are not like the KKK. I am not quite sure how to interpret the last two sentences...what do you think?


pg lzbth mtclf said...

I think Jimbo is a fuck knob.

Lisa said...

I think Jimbo is a fuck knob but I also think he's an uneducated moron. Tell him to pick up a history book on The Crusades. Asshole. Bet he goes to church every Sunday though and puts a dollar in the donation plate.

Lisa said...

Oh and last sentence-- backhanded attempt to knock Muslims again. Grrrr. Lets write a big complaint letter to the head of the newspaper. I'll sign.

Rumi said...

This editor emeritus can be easily challenged based on his faulty assertions about your husband's native land.

Not counting the print only newspapers, that 'land in question' has at least 6 English language daily newspapers, and more than a dozen vernacular dailies those have daily online editions.

I can give him the web link, ask him to visit them, so that his "doubt that you would be able to expouse such comments about Muslim terrorists..." in that native land, cease to exist.

In fact in that native land, print or electronic media, politicians, intellectuals are more at liberty to take to task the supreme leader of the country when compared to current day USA.

And speaking against Islamic terrorism, you won't see anything but this sort of commentary in many news outlets.

rehan said...

I was not only surprised but shocked to read the comments made by Mr. Wolff. Shocked to realize that misinformed and rather naïve writers like him doesn’t help the statement that he made that “American hatred runs deep for Muslims” which I personally don’t agree with. People like him are as liable for taking peace out of this world like those very terrorists that are misinformed and naïve about Islam. In this great nation of America, people can speak because it holds the highest spot as far as freedom of press is concerned and that has nothing to do with any religion. I am no expert but I doubt that any nation, regardless what religion they follow, come close to the US when it comes to freedom of press and the Muslim country where this blogger’s husband comes from is no exception. However, this is news to me that you so easily assumed that people don’t speak up against terrorism in Muslim countries. Mr. Wolff you just need to open your eyes and read not what you choose to read and like to believe but the reality.

Wendell77 said...

Yeah, K, I think the KKK is a good example of Christian extremism. There seems to be so many factors involved in terrorism, and it's easier to point at religious differences instead of complex issues like poverty, desperation and hostility that lasts for generations.

I mean, Christians and Muslims worship the same God, right?