Friday, September 08, 2006

Jimmy, Part Three

Thanks for all the great comments about the newspaper article! It's so
nice to have people to bounce things off of, God Bless the Blogging

I'm attending a conference on Saturday called "Young Global Leaders Summit on the Future of Western-Muslim Relations". It should be really interesting. They sent us three articles to read (if you're interested, here are the links...
"Islam and the West: Searching for Common Ground"
"If It's a Muslim Problem, It Needs a Muslim Solution."
, and “America shares the blame: A Response to Thomas Friedman.” Not that I have a shortage of reading materials, but I'm going to read this before I delve into the mysterious world of economic sociology this afternoon.

We had the most beautiful storm this morning complete with a nice lightening show. It kind of sucked when I had to run to my car with my book bag, a bagel, my coffee AND an umbrella, but it was worth it for the sky show. I'm very glad it's Friday so that tomorrow I'll be able to wake up at a reasonable 6:30 instead of 3:45. (Yes, Page, I know it's elderly to talk about my sleep schedule, but right now it's about the only thing I can think about.)

I'll be internet-less for the next three days as I'll be retreating to the Wilderness for the weekend. Expect a conference update on Tuesday.


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page said...

Call me, i have to tell you about my juicy drama.

A chance to live vicariously once more.