Friday, September 22, 2006

I refuse!

Isaac missed three days of school this week because he was sick with a sore throat and fever (not to mention the weekend barfing spree). Today I woke up with a headache, which is normal, but it usually goes away once I have my coffee. It's still here, and now I can feel my throat starting to get scratchy and sore, and my nose is stuffy.

But I am trying to do the "mind over matter" thing and just refuse to get sick. My dad hardly ever gets sick and he says that it's all about willpower. So I'm willing with all my will to stay healthy! I've got so much work to do!!! Here is my weekend to-do list:

1) Reading for Soc 365: 3 chapters
2) Reading for Soc 651: 4 articles
3) Writing for Soc 651: 3 essays (which will require reading MANY MANY articles)
4) Writing for fellowship application
5) Soc 360 problem sets (statistics) from chapters 3 and 4
6) Soccer game Saturday morning (I think I'll beg off)
7) Finish cleaning my Montello house and find my other bed linens

And that list does not include the long-term deadline stuff that I should have started weeks ago, but we won't go there.

Ewww, the dude next to me in the computer lab has a really gross cough.

In other bodily health news, I seem to have traded my stomach for a bottomless pit. I'm always starving. I am afraid I'm going to balloon to the size of a circus attraction by the time this year is done! Maybe I should be a good Muslim and observe the Ramadan fast that begins soon. (I think it starts on Sunday??)

Can I just have a nap, please?

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Shefa said...

Ramadhan starts night... as in we start fasting tomorrow. Oh and every Ramadhan I always gain weight because my metabolism slows down. :(

Hope you stay well!