Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My brain is melting.

My friend Tanya once wrote about how it's so hot in Bangladesh that she could feel her proteins denaturing. I don't know what that means, but I think my brain is denaturing due to the hardness of my economics class.

Today in class, the professor was lecturing about something called "Present Discounted Value", which I thought was a relatively simple concept until he started doing the calculus. He wrote this huge formula on the board and accompanied it with a weirdo graph. I just tried to type it out so you could see the formula and how freaky it was, but it's not possible. Anyway, he stepped back from the board, and said, "You might say to yourself, there are other ways to conceptualize an inter-temporal utility function."

Now, my question is...if I was ACTUALLY thinking to myself, "What am I doing in Mexico?"...does that mean I don't belong here?


gina said...

I always conceptualize an inter-temporal utility function when I get drunk and pass out :) I've only been reading for 3 hours today...only 4 more to go today! YESSS I can't WAIT!

pbmomma said...

You make me laugh. lol