Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More Jimmy - I just can't get enough!

The conference that I attended on Saturday was great, and I meant to run home right afterwards and write up a summary of the "Six Factors" to consider for US foreign policy to the Muslim World, but then I took a nap instead.

But I did realize how important it is that we fight the prejudices that exist towards Muslims in this country. I realized that Jim Wolff probably listens to right-wing, neoconservative radio programming, as does much of the population here in the US. It scared me to think that Mr. Wolff's views are probably very common.

I have typed up Mr. Wolff's two articles on radical Islam and posted them online. (It was a nauseating task, and I recommend waiting until one hour after you have eaten before you read this if you find blatant racism sickening.)

August 17, 2006: "If we accept losing the Global War on Terror..." By Jim Wolff
August 24, 2006: "Are you sure you disapprove of torturing suspects?" By Jim Wolff
August 30, 2006: My letter to the editor as printed in the paper.

After reading these, if you would like to write a (respectful yet poignant) letter to Mr. Wolff, you can send your email to bjned@charterinternet.com. Please cc me on any email you send, as I would like to keep track of this. Thanks in advance to all of you!

[Edit: I fixed the links. Sorry about that.]

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