Thursday, February 01, 2007

I Heart Thursday.

My favorite day of the week has always been Thursday. It's close enough to Friday to make me feel like I can make it one more week, and for some reason it's just a relaxing day for me. My high school biology teacher always wore a strange green outfit on Thursdays (green poly pants with a lighter green poly shirt), and we would joke that because green M&M's are an aphrodisiac, he must wear green on Thursdays on purpose because he wanted to get laid, and the phrase "green Thursday" became an allusion to randiness.

Anyway, today is a nice day. I drove to Madison yesterday and spent the night at Gina's because I had a late meeting. We made an excellent dinner - I cooked the dal, Gina made some green bean curry, and Rajas made the rice. To top it off, Rajas got some jilapi (recall my favorite sweet from Bangladesh) and it was so delicious that I almost died. Food and friends, what could be better?

This morning I had to walk to school in the sub-zero temps, though. I cannot stand the feeling of my face freezing off while my back is sweating. It's horrible and wrong. This weekend is being dubbed "the Deep Freeze", with expected highs of 2 degrees. Augh.

But I only have one class today, and this afternoon I get to meet with some like-minded people for fair-trade coffee and conversation about Asia, NGO's, education and all sorts of awesome things. I just love this town!


pem said...

Dude, I didn't know you loved Thursdays. I love Thursdays too!

*Not to be confused with that shitty band also called Thursday

pem said...

By the way,

love page.