Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy Anniversary Part II (y la dilación suprema)

My wonderful husband sent me such a thoughtful anniversary present in the mail. He did a good job this time. Masud has not always been successful in the gift-giving department, because although he is the most generous person in the universe, he tends to go to extremes. For our first anniversary, I got a chocolate rose from Kwik Trip. I think it cost $1.19. But for our seventh anniversary (I was in Bangladesh), he gave me a gorgeous 22k gold and sapphire necklace that cost way too much and that I'm too scared to wear. This year, he bought me some simple but meaningful jewelry - all different stones and designs, and a set of Nepali prayer flags that I've wanted forever. I'll try to post pictures if I can ever remember. Today I'm wearing my new onyx necklace - it's a big asymmetrical triangle - and the paper that came with it said that onyx "provides strength during times of physical or mental stress, and the ability to sustain and maintain". That's good, because I have a hard test coming up for which I should be studying right now. (According to, la dilación suprema means the supreme procrastination. I'm trying to learn Spanish by translating random phrases and trying them out on my friend Pili, who is from Argentina and pronounces the pronoun 'yo' as 'cho'.)

After I finish this test, it's easy sailing for the next few days. I've only got about 80 pages to read tonight for our seminar tomorrow, and then I've gotta pack my bags because Isaac is coming with me to school on Friday! His school is closed for parent/teacher conferences, and so he's going to see what it's like for mom on campus every day. We have to leave by 6:15 a.m. and he'll come with me to work and class. In between times we'll be taking the bus up to the Capitol building to drop off our passport applications, and then have lunch somewhere on State St. (Sadly, this will probably have to be at Subway, since that's the only thing he'll eat.) He has some coupons to use at the game store on State St. so we'll have to make a stop there, as well. Gina is going to hang out with him while I go to my Development Studies seminar, and then we're going to party at Der Rathskeller in the Union. We're spending the night at Gina's. On Saturday, we're going to get the oil changed, then maybe go shopping a little, and then wait in line at Camp Randall for tickets to see the Dalai Lama. He'll be visiting Madison on May 4th, and I'm so excited.
I'm hoping that we'll be able to drive home on Saturday even though we're expecting a huge snowstorm. Maybe we'll just have to spend the weekend in Mad-town.

Sigh, I can't think of anything more to tell you about, so I suppose I should try to tackle baseline constraints in tabular logit models before I have to take my test. Ouch, my synapses are hurting.

P.S. - Bangla-speaking friends: How do you say "procrastination" in Bangla? I was thinking "fakibaj"? So supreme procrastination would be "moha fakibaj"?


pem said...

I hope you have a good weekend in Mad-town!

Miss Lippy said...

Dude, if you score an extra ticket for the Dalai Lama I would trade you my car. Okay, not my car but most of my other stuff.

Zeenat said...

I would say "Moha fakibaji". Fakibaj is someone who practices fakibaji.

Sharon said...

Happy Anniversary, and good luck on your test!!