Sunday, February 18, 2007

The case for organization

(I know the picture is too damn small but I'm too lazy to go back and change it so just deal with it!)
Here's the story behind the pile on my desk. Last Wednesday night, I frantically cleaned my "office area" because I could not locate a recommendation letter that I got from someone in Bangladesh, which I needed to submit with a fellowship application the following day. I knew that I had carefully filed it, but where, I had no idea. I ended up going through the scary "miscellaneous" pile. I made three piles on my bed: discard, class stuff, and bills. I found the stupid letter, and in the process cleaned up my shit, or so I thought.

Did I mention that I got a speeding ticket last month?

Well, I today I decided to pay the stupid ticket, only now I can't find the damn thing. I've torn everything apart and put it away, and still no ticket. The picture above is my last resort...I have to go through the contents of my backpack. You can't tell from the photo, but something stinks. God help us all.

(What does one do if they can't find the stupid ticket?)

And, just to add to my fun weekend, Isaac is really sick. Yesterday he had a 105 fever and today he threw up AND has a gross cough/sore throat/headache thing going on. What's even better, he shared the joy with me. I've got a splitting headache and a fever of 102. It makes reading about international labor movements even more enjoyable.

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