Sunday, February 25, 2007

a la Clint Eastwood

The Good: We had a huge snowstorm, and it was perfect timing because the snowplow has carved a trail through our long driveway, my dad shoveled a path to my car, and it'll be a beautiful drive to Madison tomorrow morning. We haven't had a nice snow like this for ages!

Also, Isaac and I had a great day in Madison on Friday and spent the night at Gina's. It was really fun to take him to my office and then to class with me. He got to learn about how I spend my days. PLUS we got tickets to see the Dalai Lama in May!

The Bad:
I got at least two wrong on my stats test (of course, the two that were worth 8 pts. each!) If I didn't make any other mistakes (impossible), it means I got a B. If it's less than a B I'm dropping the class. I'm trying to pretend that I enjoy math, but the truth is, I hate it worse than I hate mushy cereal.

The Ugly: I was exhausted yesterday from the extra work of having Isaac with me on campus and driving home in the blowing snow, and I fell asleep early last night after watching "Ray" with my parents. Then I got up this morning all ready to hit the books, but fell asleep AGAIN in the chair while trying to read about class formation and labor politics in South Korea. Now it's 4:11, and I'm blogging because I don't want to start writing my paper. My work load is very light this weekend but I still can't seem to get going! I just want to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I have such a love-hate relationship with grad school!

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Ms. Non Sequitur said...

YES I would love to be his physical activity godmother!! HA HA Just call me PAG Gina! lol