Monday, February 05, 2007

What's the Point?

I had a great reason for starting this blog back in 2004 - to keep my friends and family up to date on what I was doing in Bangladesh. I became addicted to blogging, and continued to post even after I came home. I've made lots of new friends and maybe connected with some long-lost buddies because of this blog.

But I often wonder, what is the point? Do I have a theme? I seem to complain a lot about different things. Sometimes I try to write little op-eds about current affairs and important issues.

Note: Today I was going to post about the discourse regarding Barak Obama running for president. (A NYT article for which I can't find the link talks about how many African Americans don't think he's "black enough", and some political leader actually said that he's the first "clean" African American to run, and some people don't think he's American because his father was from Kenya!!!) I wanted to talk about how the whole point is that we should elect a leader for their abilities to LEAD, not because of what they look like. That's what it means to BREAK DOWN BARRIERS!! But I decided to spare you.

Anyway, there are plenty of other bloggers who have taken up this subject, and dealt with it much more eloquently than I ever could, so go read their blogs.

So then I wonder, should I make my blog into one of those "current links" blogs (like Rezwan's excellent blog about Bangladesh), but nah, that's been done too.

got a Critter-themed blog. Gina's got the whole "domestic nemesis" angle. Tanya's blog is just hilarious and witty all the time. Then there are the legends: Twisty and Bitch - they don't even need a theme, that's how good they are. So what am I left with? I'm too ADD to stick to one thing!

I worry that nobody really cares what I had for lunch yesterday, or what I did last weekend, or how cute my kid is. Note: He's the cutest first grader in the WORLD. Things would be much more interesting here if I could tell all my secrets - if only I could be sure that my professors/friends/family/boss/etc. wouldn't read on certain days... I've considered making an anonymous blog, but I'm just too lazy to start over. Plus, I kinda like it when my friends visit my blog and make comments. I crave attention.

And another thing: I've had three people make repeated comments to me about how this seems like a big waste of my precious time. Is it that these people don't understand what a blog is? Do they think that I spend hours formulating each post? Or is it really a waste of time?

So what's an aimless blogger to do? Suggestions?


Rezwan said...

Nothing! Just be yourself. I like reading Katy of Jiggety Jig and her wonderful thoughts about Bangladesh.

Don't feel obligated in anyway. If you want you can take a break with a small notice. Readers will understand.

If someone demands that I should write on a specific I just get a blocked head. Because I blog from my inner self. I read a lot of blogs, news. Then I feel that I need to say something or share something. I so much want to share my experiences, my travel but I just can't get time or do in limited. And I envy the persons who can write about there personal lives, their family with ease.

So actually there is a lot to share or not share, depending on what your heart wants.

And be yourself!

Ms. Non Sequitur said...

I agree! Blogging is like writing a diary that everyone can read! You don't need a theme....I mean you already have one anyway....a socially conscience, free speaking intelligent woman/wife/mother/human living in small town America...

Shefa said...

i personally love your blog. i gave up on mine a long time ago but don't give up on yours!

Zeenat said...

Oh Katie! You just read my mind! I've been thinking about this same issue: what's the point of my blog?? My blog has become mindless chatter recently. I feel like I can't be honest in my writings cause then they might hurt someone I love and care for! And I am also too lazy to start an anonymous blog!!!! One of the blogs I read regularly is yours and your posts always inspire me to write witty/intelligent (??) posts! So for my sake, please keep posting! I do want to hear what you had for lunch yesterday, what your cutest, smartest kid in the whole wide world did and what's happening in small town America!

Wendell77 said...

I agree with everyone.

You're an excellent writer, have a unique standpoint in a rural community, and share the trials of being a parent and a doctoral student.

Plus it's a way for people to stay in touch with you.


Monisha said...

Kate! i'm doing the blog rounds today, starting with Tanya's and stumbled on your posting today. blogs are great. how else would i reconnect to what you are thinking at this moment?? i love the bare honesty.

and yes, i second your comment. you do have the CUTEST 1st grader in the world. give my #1 boyfriend a kiss for me. MUAH!


Anonymous said...

Please do write. I'll read anything. You have a fun way of writing, even if it's ranting.

Hob Gadling said...

Write so you can read it later.

Big W said...

You have a great blog! Sometimes you even give me and Phook little shout-outs! Yeah!