Friday, February 09, 2007

This is why I love it here.

Here is a picture of my friend Maria del Pilar Casal "Pili" and me in our Development Studies Seminar. We had to read an article called "The Antagonistic Relevance of Development Studies". Once I got through the horrible difficulties with vocabulary, I learned a lot! How many of you know what "teleology" is?

Pili is from Argentina, and she promised that she'll show me around if we're ever there together. I hear they have good beef. Too bad I don't eat dead animals.

Awww, it's student Katie.

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Anonymous said...

Accidentally I was surfing on the web and I found a familiar name; Maria del Pilar Casal. I knew her in Argentina, Tucuman. She´s really nice and intelligent, and her country is wonderful. grretings. Malba