Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I feel like Sally Field!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments! I had a really crappy day yesterday and it was awesome to have some cyber-lovin' to come home to.

I've decided that I can never leave my blog, because I'm addicted. I have kept a journal since I was seven (and incidentally they got me in trouble more than once, but I never gave up!) My blog has replaced my journal to some degree, although I reserve the really juicy stuff for the secret pages.

Anyway, yesterday was horrible. I had a brush with some of the realities of international development, and kinda cried all day. Plus, Tuesdays are jam packed with work/class/class/class and I was feeling overwhelmed and not sure what the point of this degree is anyway, because this world is a horrible, mean place full of injustice.

But not to worry, I feel much better after eating two jolly ranchers and having a hilarious laughing jag with Isaac last night. The kid is funny. Is there anything funnier than a six-year-old doing potty humor? I think not.

And, did I mention this? Regina Spektor is my new favorite. Love it.


TKP said...

What realities of international development made you cry the most? Just wondering because everyone in my program has those "I should just give up" moments during the first year, too. Chin up, mate. There's good news, too. And who is Regina Spekter? Definitely keep blogging. I was just telling some friends last night (who were complaining about the lameness of friends who were married and could talk of nothing but their babies) that you CAN be married mother with a Fulbright and on a PhD track and still hilarious, insightful, artistic, and a badass...just look at my friend Katie!

pem said...

Regina Spektor - That Time

Kick ass song.

I almost just typed 'snog'.

Molly Sue said...

Ahh, I haven't been to your jiggety spot in awhile and I would be sad if you weren't here. I like it when you post about the "non-important" stuff, like what you had for lunch. And how you are working so hard to get a phd and all. And about how you live apart from your sweetie and I think you are so courageous for that. And I love to here the nonsense about your hermit crabs and your cutie putie offspring and everything. I will try to come around more often because I know the feeling of "Why do I blog?"