Saturday, September 17, 2005

Decisions, decisions

Two things I hate worst of all in life are 1) having to make huge decisions in a short amount of time, and 2) uncertainty. They often go hand in hand, and usually end up giving me heartburn, insomnia and lots of zits.

We drove to Wisconsin on Thursday, hoping to spend a four-day weekend looking for apartments/houses/duplexes (dupli?) to rent. Mom and I drove around fruitlessly on Friday, and all the places we looked at were really expensive ($750 for a 2 bedroom pit in Portage? I don't think so!) and gross. I became depressed. Then we toyed with the idea of kicking Page out of my Grandma Hatch's little apartment that is attached to my mom and dad's house. We all decided that the place is much better suited to my neat-freak sister than the Zaman family. Cramming all of our stuff into that small space would have caused a minor breach in the time-space continuum. Plus, Page is really happy there and I'd feel like a jerk kicking her out.

So we're still not sure where we'll go. We have a few ideas, but I'm not going to tell you what they are until I am sure one of them will work...

So I'm still awash in uncertainty and decision-making agony. Plus, Masud is in Wisconsin (he bought a rad little Subaru station wagon that I love - bumper stickers shall be applied) and he's so busy with his new job that he's no help for my troubled soul. So I'm in Minnesota with the kid and the mother-in-law. And the un-mowed lawn. And the mountains of stuff to sort and pack. Sometimes I wonder how single mothers handle it all?

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