Saturday, September 10, 2005

Chakri Hoyegiyeche (The Job Has Been.)

I love literal translations of Bangla. It's funny. Like "Gondho Lage" means "I feel a smell." And "Juta Khulo" means "Open your shoes."

Anyways, Masud got a job offer on Friday, and it is a good one. He'll be a design engineer at Penda, which is a company that makes truck bedliners and irrigation systems (the link between the two being that they are both made from thermoformed plastic.) He is really excited because he gets to do a lot of hands-on stuff, he doesn't have to supervise anyone, and he will get to learn a whole bunch of new software. Always the nerd at heart, he can barely wait to get started.

The company is located in Portage, WI, which is smack-dab between my hometown and Madison - very, very perfect. I'm scouring the web for job possibilities in the area. There are not many "health" related jobs, but a ton of office jobs that I'm sure I could make do with.

Masud is going to start work on the 19th of this month, and I'm going to slowly pack up our belongings and get ready to move. We have to find a place, first, which is why we decided to take things slowly.

Now comes the hard part...making decisions. Where should we look for an apartment, where should Isaac go to school, where will I be working, should we live closer to Madison in case I get into grad school, we have to buy a car in the next week, etc etc etc. Agony for people like me who HATE MAKING DECISIONS.

In other news, I've become addicted to other people's blogs. If you are at work and need to waste time, or even if you don't need to waste time, check these out. Fair warning: Some of these blogs may be offensive to some people. There is some swearing involved in some of them, and sexual references in others. I think they are funny as hell.

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Reading these blogs kindof makes me an insecure blogger. My blog is just not cool when compared to them. And I'm thinking I need a new name for my blog, and also I kinda wish I had refered to my loved ones with cool nicknames like these people do. (Ex-Bitch Ph.D. calls her child Psuedonymous Kid, Short and Sweet calls her husband "the boy".) Oh well, we all know I'm uncool anyways, there's no use pretending. But if anyone has suggestions for a new name for my blog, please hand it over.


Sharon said...

Your blog title is great the way it is; and I'm flattered you'd include me in your list of blogs.

Wow! Thanks.
I'll be back... :)

TheEmperfect said...

Thanks for the linkage. I'm gonna have to bookmark your blog now. =)

PS. Keep writting