Sunday, August 01, 2004

America's Dairyland

We just came back from a quick visit to Wisconsin. I will try to go home one more time before I leave for Bangladesh, but I'm so busy that I'm beginning to think that this might have been my last trip.
I got some good pictures, and I'll share them with you now.

My Cool Grandpa

My grandpa always wears these groovy shades. He's such a movie star! Poor Chips the Dog, who never gets any excitement, was being strangled by that leash so he wouldn't claw me with his satan toe nails.

Disco Dad

I'm proud to say that my dad, brother and sister all had roles in the community theatre production of "Hollywood Hillbillies". While the script left something to be desired, my dad's ad-libbed monologue was hilarious!


My sister played a spoiled valley girl who is forced to spend "quality time" with her father's relatives in the hills. She was SO FUNNY, especially the part where "Bubba" assaulted her.

Rob the Drunk Attorney

My brother (the one in the hat), played a drunk attorney. He was really convincing. He belched a couple of times, and it was so loud that I worried some chunks might have come up with the burp. GROSS Rob!

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