Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Countdown...T minus 10

Another day, another tearful goodbye. Page left yesterday, I traded her in for Mom, who will stay here the rest of the time and we'll have our tearful goodbye at the airport. Ahhhh, I love being melodramatic.

I sure do miss Page though, the whole day yesterday I kept thinking about how boring it was without music playing (I'm too lazy to play it myself), and Isaac kept asking me to make a "web formula", which was Page's specialty. OK that was a really long sentence, probably a run-on, but this is a blog and who is checking anyways?

At least I'm insanely busy, so I don't have time to mull over things too much. Last night we had some people over for dinner, and the gods of cooking smiled upon me, if I do say so myself. I made rice, chickpea curry, cauliflower curry, fried eggplant (sounds gross but it's to DIE for), and mango salsa. I also stopped at this new Kebab House in Rochester and got some beef kebabs for appetizers, which I'm told were delicious. And Masud grilled some beef shish kebabs. Nothing burned, nothing was over/under done, the salt and spice levels were great. Just when I thought I was a domestic failure, I come through and surprise everyone!

Let's see if I can get it to carry over into other areas of my life. Small successes, it's what I live for. Now if somebody could please figure out what the odor is coming from the downstairs bathroom!

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