Sunday, August 22, 2004

May my CD drive rest in peace...

The CD-ROM drive on my new laptop, which is all of one and a half months old, has kicked the bucket, bit the dust, gone to that great computer graveyard in the sky. Although it's still under warranty, I don't have enough time to get it fixed before I leave. Thank God I already uploaded my entire CD collection. My music is safe. Let's just hope nothing else breaks. That's what I get for buying the CHEAPEST of the CHEAP models.

Today I finished packing my fifth suitcase, leaving one more empty for me to fill in the hours before we leave. Condensing our lives into six suitcases has been a tiresome and anxiety ridden experience, and I know I've probably left out some important items. I think we'll survive, either way. After all, many of the 140 million people in Bangladesh are able to survive without half of what I've packed.

Maybe my materialistic lifestyle will suffer, but I hope I'll learn how to live with less.

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