Sunday, August 15, 2004

Another ode to Page.

I'm just so relieved that my sister is here, that I have to devote another post to her. She is a neat freak, so she goes around and puts my junk into neat little piles. It's great! It gives the illusion of cleanliness! We both bought some really funny anti-Bush t-shirts (from They have a picture of Bush on the front with his goofy grin and ten gallon hat, and the caption says "right-wing nut job". If you haven't seen the political cartoon called "This Land", you simply MUST take a moment to go to and watch it. (Then you will think my shirt is all the cooler!) Also, check out some of their archived cartoons, good for a laugh (especially the farting elves one - good for all you sickos out there like me who enjoy a gratuitous fart jokes.)
I'm not sure that I will wear a tshirt with Bush on the front while I'm in Bangladesh. Even though it's a joke, I'm not sure everyone will get it. Could be dangerous.
Today we're going to do some more shopping for stuff that I'm taking to Bangladesh. I think that my suitcase space is reaching capacity, so I have to draw the line at some point here. I just know I'm going to get there and wish for that one thing that I forgot to buy while I was here. Oh well, life is about making sacrifices, I guess. I've got enough skittles to feed a small village anyways. Last time, I took some gummy bears and shared them with everyone. I gave some to Masud's Fupu (paternal aunt), and she said "Eta ki, rubber?" (What is this, rubber?) She tore off the head with her one good incisor, and then gave the body to my nephew. American confections are wasted on her. Good thing I was there to finish the bag.

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