Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why doesn't blogger let me post more than five pictures per post?

Gina and I both made pies. Gina's was better - my mom keeps talking about how good it was! Mine went in the garbage yesterday. It tasted like Gerber baby food.

I wrapped Gina up in this cheap sari and she looked like a true "buri" (old lady). Sorry Gina, but we need to get you a flashy Bollywood sari!!!

Sister love.

More love. Geez, I hold that dog a lot.

Gina taught me how to waltz.


Gina aka Ms. Non Sequitor said...

God I look weird in the pie picture...good lord....Nice pics... :)

Wendell77 said...

Yes, love the pictures, and pie. P.I.E.