Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Buns in the Ovens

It seems like everyone I know is pregnant. Warning: if you know me, be sure to have safe sex because I must be giving off some kind of fertility vibe. One woman in my office just had her second baby girl (she's also a PhD student!), another woman I work with is 3 centimeters dilated and will go any day now, and another friend from high school is getting ready for her first baby. My cyber-buddy Big W has an ADORABLE baby girl whom I've never met but am in love with. Another good friend of mine just announced yesterday that she is pregnant with her fourth child.

While my own uterus is closed for business, I still am amazed at the miracle of parenthood. It's such a life-changing, soul-shaking, utterly incapacitating and exhilarating experience. The instant that little squirmy being came out of my body and was place in my arms, I immediately understood unconditional love. I knew that I would easily throw myself off a building in order to keep him safe and happy. It only gets better with each milestone: walking, talking, and now losing teeth and reading. I feel so fortunate that the universe saw fit to give us to each other.

It seems appropriate to note that it's blog for choice day. Please head over to Bitch Ph.D.'s blog and read her wonderful post about pregnancy. She discusses the fact that even in our modern world of birth control and IVF, pregnancy is often not a matter of choice. A great read.

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