Monday, January 08, 2007

A Wedding!

My brother Rob knows how to torture me. Way back in November, we were chatting online and he sent this horrible sentence: "Can you keep a secret?"

He knows I can't!!! I'm a terrible secret-keeper, so don't tell me your secrets. I can't even keep my own damn secrets! I just feel the need to share - the weight of holding secrets inside is too much for me.

Anyway, the secret was that he was planning to propose to Lisa over Christmas. He did, she said yes, and so now I can finally release my secret to the whole world!

They are going to get married in June, and we're all going to Mexico to celebrate with them. My dad is going to officiate and the wedding will be on the beach.

Isaac is really excited that he has a new aunt. He's been bemoaning the fact that he has more Bangladesh relatives than American ones. I told Rob and Lisa to start the kid factory right away so Isaac can have some cousins in the Midwest.

(A little bummer note: Rob and Lisa have mono! Send them get-well-soon vibes!)

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Gina aka Ms. Non Sequitor said...

Congrats to Rob and Lisa :) Whoo hooo!! (Sincerely)