Monday, January 08, 2007


My internet is not working and I'm so mad about it I could pee. Of course the customer service phone number makes me wait on hold for at least half an hour before they answer, and then they promised me that the installer would call me within a day to set up a time to fix it. That was Friday, and still no phone call. Grrrrrr.

I had a great weekend, chillin' with my sistah mostly. We went to State Street on Friday where I spent money that I didn't mean to. We had a great lunch at Qdoba (which I've decided that I prefer to Chipotle, but I'm not sure why.) We also visited our Grandma H. on Saturday and Grandma and Grandpa M. on Sunday. Those are hard visits but it was nice to have her with me.

I'm working almost every day this week in order to get almost every day off next week. I love days off.

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Hob Gadling said...

You prefer Qdoba 'cause they have better spices. It's true.

If you wanna hurt yourself, you should get the grilled veggie burrito with fajita veggies extra, habanero salsa and no cheese and sour cream. Your hair will melt.

(It's lunchtime in half an hour, can you tell?)