Thursday, June 29, 2006

My big head is almost blocking out my good friend Kei, and behind him you can see Steve, who is a new grantee to Bangladesh this year. He'll be studying economic development at BRAC University. I think we were on the yellow line of the DC metro, on our way to have drinks. Steve is a neat guy - and he has really big feet.

Here I am again (no, I'm not stoned or drunk, I just have droopy eyelids!) with Kristin Boekhoff. Kristin will be doing a project involving low income housing for garment workers.

I didn't get any other pictures because I was too busy yammering away. These people are so interesting! I learned a lot about the world of finance and investment banking, and then talked about how to get natural dread-locks with Mike (who is going to Nepal and will fit right in), and then we had a very long and explicit discussion about the benefits and pitfalls of a squatty-potty and how to use a "bodna" (watering can type item used to clean oneself after eliminating). Sadly, the fairy tale must end, and tomorrow I'll be headed back to Wisconsin.

I do miss my little guy, though...and the puppy.

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Anonymous said...

KT....long live the Bhodna....b/c without it...where would the squatty potty experience be? I mean seriously....when you come to think of it, they go hand in hand really.