Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday update

Masud got here safe and sound - albeit exhausted. He's been in Connecticut for the past week for training. Our family should sign up for a frequent flyer program - between the three of us, we could rack up the miles really fast. He'll fly back to Connecticut tomorrow, and then he's coming again next weekend.

When I came home from the play last night, and we were all together, Isaac said, "This feels so good. Our family is fixed!"

Time is flying, though! I can't beleive I only have two weeks until I leave for Bangladesh. I've got lots to do before then - work stuff, packing, school stuff, moving, getting the house listed and ready to show, etc., etc., etc... Making lists is usually comforting for me, but not when they are overwhelming!

Tonight is the last performance of our play! I am hoping to get pictures soon - technical difficulties are to blame for my not posting them already. I'm looking forward to having my evenings back, but I am having a great time. The first night, the audience participation was great and I felt so happy up there. Something about making people laugh makes me almost crazy! I can't believe what I am willing to do onstage, but would never do in "real life" - like wear nylons and blush, and curl my hair in to ridiculous ringlets.

Well, I have about an hour before it's time to start the hair curling ritual, so I'm gonna take a snooze.

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