Sunday, June 11, 2006

Yard Sale Mania.

I'm recovering from a gross infection that gave me a sore throat, psuedo ear ache and a terrible headache. Plus, I spent most of the weekend outside selling the misc. crap that had been stored for years by this house's previous owner. You wouldn't believe what we dragged out of the garage and other buildings (nor would you believe what people actually paid money for!!!)

Among some of the more interesting finds:
-A tricycle that must be over 70 years old
-An old outboard motor (anybody wanna buy an Evinrude Zephyr?)
-A half-barrel and tapper-thingy
-Two WWII folding cots with Medical Unit tags on them
-A WWII dress uniform
-An authentic pith helmet
-About a thousand plastic buckets and containers

It was fun and I made some money, too. Sadly, I went shopping today and blew most of my wad. How quickly it leaves my fingers!

This week is affectionately termed "hell week" by members of the community theater. We have to do the full show every night, including dress and makeup and hair. We open on Thursday, so if you're in the area, stop by. I'll try to post pictures - hopefully someone will take some!

Masud is coming home this weekend. Family reunion, yay!

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Molly Sue said...

I love this description of your yard sale. Absolutely priceless. You could make a million dollars my friend. Write up you Visa ad and send it in. Something along the lines.....WWII Uniform - $$. 70 Radio Flyer Tricycle - $$. Spending the resulting wad - priceless.

Sorry to hear about the crab. But I am thrilled that your sweetie is coming in for a visit.