Friday, June 23, 2006

Anxiety attack

The ol' Effexor took a vaycay today and I had a minor breakdown. There is just Too Much going on in my life right now for an itty-bitty pill (and my chemically-imbalanced brain) to handle!

1. My husband lives in Ohio and it is emotionally distressing for both Isaac and me.
2. I am trying to get the house ready to put on the market (by Monday).
3. I am trying to finish everything that needs to be done for my job so that while I'm gone nothing falls apart (by Tuesday). My to-do list fills two sides of a legal sheet of paper.
4. We spent the week doing interviews for both my position and another position. Interviewing people can be very stressful, and that meant that I didn't have time to do anything else! I need to get them all situated before I leave on Wednesday.
5. I had an interview myself on Tuesday for a project assistantship at UW-Madison. I just found out that I got it! I'll be helping to coordinate the McNair Scholars program! But now I need to go down there on Tuesday and have a mini-orientation before I leave.
6. I am leaving for Washington DC on Wednesday, where I will be on a panel called "What It Means to be a Fulbrighter". Usually presentations of this kind make me very nervous, but I did it last year so I don't even need to write the speech. But I still have to dress up and stand in front of a room of 200 people.
7. I will return on Friday from DC, and on Saturday morning I am leaving for Bangladesh for three weeks.
8. I have not started packing or planning for my trip to Bangladesh.
9. I need to move most of my stuff from my house to my parents house this weekend and make sure that Isaac has everything that he needs for the three weeks that I'm gone.
10. I should probably figure out my class schedule so that I can register when I become eligible on July 10.
11. The fact that I have to leave Isaac (and to a smaller degree, my puppy) for three weeks is making me very sad.
12. I have not done much remedial economics or sociology reading yet, although I have made my way through six of the seven Epic Novels about Captain Underpants.

Whew. That IS a lot of stuff. Would it be bad if I just had a beer and watched my "Friends" DVD?


Molly Sue said...

Dude!! Captain Underpants rocks! What better way, other than drugs, to alter one's anxious state of mind than with supremely bad potty humor. I adore these books for the simple reason that they make my children laugh uncontrolably. That, my friend, is the best sound in life.

Hang in there. This to shall pass. And if you're looking for an adult to laugh at, come visit.

Anonymous said...

Hugs, man. At least all this stuff is exciting and great...steps you're taking to reach your goals and live the life you want.

Right?! :)
You can do it, good luck with the orientation, presentation, and have a great trip!