Monday, June 19, 2006


We found a little turtle in our back yard today. We live on the famous "Montello Isthmus", a strip of land that stretches between the Fox River and a marsh. Not good for insurance purposes, but it's certainly picturesque (except for the state highway running about six feet from my front door, and the run-down houses on each side of mine...ahem). We often have wildlife making the dangerous trek from river to marsh through our yard. This includes ducks - quacking loudly in the mornings - and frogs, turtles and even snakes.

About two months ago, my mom dropped of a little snapper that she had rescued from the middle of the road. Isaac was devastated when I made him set it free in the back yard. Today I told him that the slightly larger snapper that we found was actually the same one. Ahhh, the white lies we parents tell! Anyway, he named it Saruman, not to be confused with Sauron the Hermit Crab.

Of course, Shadow the Brave protected us from the evil intruder.

Have I mentioned how much I love Shadow? I've decided that if I ever get the urge to procreate again, I can just get another dog. I may end up with 7 dogs in the end. Now, if only I could house train him!!!


TKP said...

When I was like two years old, there was this HUGE black dog in our neighborhood named Shadow, and he used to scare the pants off me. When he would bark I would say wide-eyed and gravely "(sharp inhale) Thathdow ashbe!" Whenever Mom couldn't get me to eat the daal-baath from my high chair, she'd say "Thaniya, thathdow ashche!!!" and shovel the food into my slack-jawed pie hole.

Anonymous said...

Luv Isaac, the tiny turtle, and Shadow! I wish I could see a baby turtle! :( Wenders