Saturday, June 24, 2006

When I have too much to do, I change my blog template!

It takes skill, my friends, to be a truly good procrastinator. When I think of what I need to accomplish in the next three days, my head spins. I think the reason I'm actually wasting time is because I know that I can't possibly finish everything in time, it's hopeless! I had some big moving plans for today, but after eating my cake at Isaac's friend's birthday party (and then finishing Isaac's half-eaten piece), I fell into a sugar coma for about two hours. There went that plan!

I then broke my Walmart boycott rule and spent $170 at the super walmart in Portage. Driving into the parking lot, I was reminded of why I don't go there - Walmart parking lots are a death trap of crazed shoppers who will fight tooth and nail for a space! I ended up parking at the very end of the lot and risked life and limb to walk all the way to the huge entrance.

While shopping, my left heel was rammed by more than one shopping cart, and I had to keep going back and forth from the "grocery" section to the "housewares" section because I kept forgetting stuff on my list. I met one confused woman in the health and beauty aisle said exasperatedly, "I just want to buy soap. Where is the damn soap in this place?"

I came home, loot in tow, and was so exhausted that the thought of moving today almost made me scream in pain. So I changed my blogger template instead.

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