Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Greetings from the Desh.

We made it safely to Bangladesh, although the journey seems longer and longer every time I do it. After being here only one day, I feel like I never left! Some observations:

1. You know you've left American territory when the flight attendant announces which languages are spoken by the crew aboard the plane: Hindi, Philipine, Bangla, Arabic, Urdu, English, and Thai.

2. It's hot here. The moment I stepped off the plane and the Dhaka smog hit my skin, about 20,000 zits popped out on my face. Gross. I'm ready for my close up now!

3. My brain does not work. I went to the Indian Embassy today to get my visa, but forgot to take some money along to pay for it. Grraahhhh!

4. I still have not been able to eat Jilapi, but hopefully I'll get some tonight!

More updates to come. Send cool breezes my way!


Lisa said...

So, I miss you guys!! I can't handle life away from Montello! I'm trying to bribe Page to come visit this weekend with promises of free booze, food and I even offered to pay for her gas. :) She hasn't written back yet though, so I might have to call and beg...
I'm glad you guys made it to Bangladesh... must be weird sleeping with your husband again, huh? Hehe, just kidding. Say hi to Masud for me!
Zits... mmm. Good times. We can commiserate over a beer when you get back. I have one on my hairline again. BUT the good news is: I CAN POOP!
I don't know what the hell Jilapi is, but thinking of you guys, I am now hungry for Indian. I think Rob is going to take me to Taste of India now, so I'm off to go get pretty. :)
Love you!

pem said...

Kaaaaaaaatie! Come HOME! I need you! I have a seemingly never-ending list of problems that I need help with. So come back now! I am nothing without my sister. You complete me, K. I love you, probably tons more than I show. ;)

lisa said...

KAAAAAAAAAAAATIE, PAGE WONT WRITE BACK TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell her to write me baccccccccccccck!

SweetCancion said...
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SweetCancion said...

Okay, so this is my last post today, I promise-- just had to let ya know that I got bored so I made my own blog!
Miss you guys!