Friday, July 21, 2006

Dramatic Goodbyes

Today is the last day that I will spend in Bangladesh. While I'm very sad to be leaving, I am so excited to see Isaac that it's making me almost crazy! It's been an interesting day so far, and it's only 11:15 a.m. This morning, I waited in Gulshan-2 circle for my friends to pick me up, and I was surrounded by a group of beggars and street children. They asked for money, of course, which I didn't give to them (I seriously don't have any!) and then asked if I would visit their homes. Rickshaw-wallahs began to gather and listen to me chatting with a group of street kids. As the crowd grew, businessmen on their way to work tried to shoo the beggars away, thinking that I was being harrassed. It was an interesting experience, mostly because I am usually terrified of people standing in a circle around me (both because of my fear of speaking in front of people and my crowd-anxiety).

After my friends picked me up, we went to meet with Mahmuda Islam, founder of Women for Women. I've heard a lot about her and read lots of her articles, and it was a real treat to meet her. She helped us out with a project at Nari Jibon, which was a great relief.

Now I'm at the office, preparing myself for a long day of tearful goodbyes. Tonight I'll need to pack my bag and make the last minute phone calls to friends and family. I have a bit of a virus, so I am not at my most patient of moods, but I am really looking forward to giving Isaac a huge hug and snuggling up for a nice long sleep in my own bed.


SweetCancion said...

YAY!!!!! You're coming home! :) I cannot wait to see you... I'm not sure when we're coming to Montello next however...
We've got our preapproval for the loan and we're currently looking for our house-- we both really like the same one and are going to place a bid and see what turns out. :) Anyhow, we have a crapload of junk to sell, so hopefully we will be coming to Montello sooner than later.
I miss you!!! Love ya!

Molly Sue said...

I love the new look! I am so glad you are coming home because I am worried about americans overseas. Your boy must miss you.

Your pictures are great!