Wednesday, July 19, 2006

You Know You're In Bangladesh When...

...the bus driver hands out plastic bags before starting the journey in case any passengers need to barf. plan your shopping trips around your bodily functions because a useable public restroom is rare. see only three hair colors - black, grey and bright orange (the color of henna-dyed grey hair that people seem to think looks "natural"). don't bother to dry off after bathing because you sweat so much that your clothes are wet anyway.

...the begger to whom you gave 20 taka comes back and says, "Madam, the note you gave me is torn, give me a better one!" cure your chronic constipation with a dish of lukewarm phuschka from the roadside stand.

...your feet are constantly polka-dotted with insect bites, and you have to shake out your clothes before dressing to make sure that there are no bugs inside waiting to bite you.

...once important task like applying deodorant and styling your hair become pointless in the relentless heat and humidity. begin to long for simple delicacies like Kraft Mac N Cheese and other bland foods to soothe your spice-worn innards.

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