Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Update Via List

1. I forgot to shake out my kameez this morning before I put it on, and so all day a bug has been roaming around inside my clothes and biting me when it gets a chance. I don't think it's a big bug, because I can barely feel it walking around, but I sure can feel it bite, and it leaves nasty bumps that itch!

2. I spent about $300 in the past 2 days on books, bootleg DVDs, and silver jewelry. Masud is in India on business, and when the shammi's away, the bou must play!

3. Yesterday while stuck in a typical Dhaka traffic jam, I heard some beautiful bamboo flute music. I looked to the left and saw a driver of a private car sitting with the window rolled down, playing the flute. When he saw me watching him, he stopped out of shyness, but I asked him to keep playing and he did. It was the most wonderful traffic jam ever!

4. I was nearly run over by a bus today, but managed to jump away just in time. Sadly, I didn't look before I lept, and landed in a huge puddle of poop-water.

5. It's been raining a lot here, which is nice because it cools the hot air a little, but it's also bad because it floods the sewers thus creating the aforementioned poop-water.

6. I tried to register for my classes this morning on the irritatingly slow "broadband" connection in the Nari Jibon office. I had a beautiful schedule created, but it turned out that four of the five classes were full. I think I'll just wait to get back.

7. I have some great pictures, but no way to post them. Anticipate much picture blogging once I get back to my wireless DSL connection in the USA.

8. I MISS ISAAC so bad that I can barely stand it.

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