Tuesday, May 23, 2006

That doggie in the window

As a preemptive strike against the depression that is sure to result at the loss of our husband/father, we have decided to get a dog. I’ve been researching breeds online, and I’ve considered plunking down a pile of cash for a purebred. Then I stumbled across the horror that is “puppy mills”. Do you know about this? It’s terrible!

Now, I would like to remind my readers that there are human beings in this world who are suffering, and I believe that we (in developed nations) spend way too much of our resources on our animals. But, at the same time, all living things deserve to be treated with respect. No living thing deserves to be tortured – even George W.! Gourmet doggie biscuits may be overboard, though.

If you’ve read my recent posts about my hermit crabs (notice, I’m calling them MY hermit crabs, not Isaac’s), you will know that I have a soft spot for animals. Although I don’t purport to be a vegetarian because I feel bad for the cows, I do cringe when I think of the slaughterhouse. Well, this puppy mill business has got me all upset.

Puppy mills are horrible places where dogs are kept locked in cages, often out in the cold year round, with little or no care. They are bred constantly, and the puppies are shipped out to pet stores and sold on the internet or through the newspaper. Sometimes they don’t get sold, and live their lives in those awful places, or worse.

Google it if you think you can stomach it. It’s so sad.

And this is where pet store puppies come from! Augh!

So puppies or full grown dogs that are rescued from these awful places are usually terrified of humans. They are not housebroken, because they’ve always just pooped right in their cages. They have not been able to run, play or socialize like they should have. Some of them have severe medical problems like splayed feet from walking on wires too long, matted and infested hair, ear infections, etc.

We found a dog at the local animal shelter who had been rescued from a puppy mill. His name is George (but we’re going to change it to Jonas). He’s a small poodle with short black curly hair. He’s very timid, but we hope we can bring him around with lots of love. He’s a year and a half old, and spent his entire life in a puppy mill. Poor thing!

We are going over this afternoon to turn in our application and pick up some pet supplies. We’re not 100% sure that we’ll get him yet, because he needs to be temperament tested to be around Isaac first, but I’m already in love. I hope it works!

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Molly Sue said...

I'd say pick up a mutt. Find one in the paper, from someone who's dog had puppies and they want to give them away. 'Cause, I'm with you, puppy mills...ick!

On a lighter note, thanks for the visit. Of course you are one of the wackos, that's why I visit. I don't like normal people. I find them to be profoundly boring. I'm surrounded by them. Ugh. So unimaginative. No scope or perspective. I like abnormal. Post ya later!