Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Crippled Crabs

Last Saturday I took Isaac to the Portage pet store because we were going to get another hermit crab. There were no small crabs left, so I looked at the four remaining "medium-sized" crabs. They are about the size of a golf ball.

Right away, I noticed that two of the crabs had missing legs and were exploding out of their shells. Being the crab expert that I am, I figured they needed to molt and change into bigger shells. My crustacean-loving heart was broken for the little guys, and I decided to plunk down the $20 and buy both of them.

We took them home and welcomed Sauron and Voldemort to the Zaman clan. Raki and Tough Jumbo came out and greeted them, and Isaac and I treated the group to fresh bananas, apples, lettuce and dessicated fish. Mmmm. Dessicated fish.

They seem to be happy in their new home, and hopefully they will molt and be happy. I'll try to get some pictures this weekend.

In other news, last night the school board voted to reinstate the four veteran teachers that they had reduced to 75% last month. The elementary teacher that was cut will not be getting her job back, but at least the high school teachers get to stay. I'm very relieved. Now, we must think of fund raisers.


PEM said...

I am in the art room.

I have to poop really bad.

Mrs. E. was just talking about the board meeting last night and how she stood up for herself and the rest of the teachers that were cut to 3/4 time.

What a trooper.

PEM said...

I found a typing error!

Dessicated is actually desiccated.

As in "An old box of desiccated cigars."

Don't believe me?

Google it, funker.